Lots of beautiful or useful PowerPoint slide show can be placed on our websites with the popular Flash movie format. If you are a webmaster who is good at PowerPoint or have powerpoint presentations to share with others, you will be interested in this article.

This Article contains:

1, Embed PowerPoint slide show to web page

2, Embed PowerPoint slide show to Blog (Insert PowerPoint to blog,blogspot, myspace, wordpress,etc)

3, How to email a big size PowerPoint presentation

4, How to insert flash to blog (embed flash to blog, blogspot, wordpress, myspace, etc)

Of course you can put the PowerPoint presentation on a web site directly as a normal PowerPoint PPT or PPS file. The file can be downloaded and viewed by customers who have Microsoft PowerPoint or PowerPoint viewer installed on their computers. But, does everyone have PowerPoint on their computer? Of course not! Thus this way is not proper to widely distribute your PowerPoint presentations.

Let’s consider the method that converting the PowerPoint presentations to html pages? Obviously by this way we can get directly html web pages to put in our web space. But the html format can not obtain the animations and transitions of the original PowerPoint presentation. And the kind of html pages may make our web site very slow! What is the best way to distribute the PowerPoint presentation in the internet´╝čTo reply this question, there are three aspects should be taken to consideration: 1, Obtain the PowerPoint animations and transitions. 2, Easy to add to the web page. 3, Protect the author copyrights Then which format is the best choice? HTML, PPS/PPT, or Flash? Obviously Flash is the best format which can fulfil above requirements

Advantage for converting PowerPoint to flash: 1, Preserve the original PowerPoint animations and transitions. 2, Reduce up to 90% of the PowerPoint file size. 3, Password protect the output Flash presentation. No one can edit it except the author. 4, Embed the Flash anywhere, create beautiful web page. 5, Small size file is easy to be emailed to others.

How to convert PowerPoint slide show, PowerPoint presentation to Flash? Just follow below steps.. Steps:

  1. Download the PowerPoint to flash conversion tool: Download: http://www.sameshow.com/
  2. Install the PowerPoint to Flash tool as a PowerPoint plug-in 3. Launch PowerPoint and import the presentation 4. Configure the Publish Settings in PPT2Flash 5. Add some multimedia content to the presentation with ” Record narration” “import audio” “insert flash” features. 6. Click “Publish”

The picture guide of the steps: PPT2Flash is an add on of the PowerPoint, you can find it in the PowerPoint tool bar:

Publish Settings:

Password protection(in the Publish Settings- Other):

Insert Flash to the presentation: