Daily exercise will definitely help burn calories but it will do you no good if you keep on eating more of the wrong food. Good food and the right serving size are essential to every diet program. If you haven’t been paying attention to what you eat, it is about time crepe you do.

American lifestyle paved the way for fast food chain proliferation. Everybody is on the go and there is always not enough time to prepare healthy, home-cooked snacks you can eat while walking to the office. If you are in need of diet recipes to go, you came to the right place.

Savory Chicken in Wheat Bread

Looking for something that will feel your stomach and will not make you lethargic like your fast food burger does? Grill chicken breasts during your free time (if you do not have the time to do this during weekdays, do it on weekends and simply reheat the chicken pieces in the microwave). Get to thickly sliced whole wheat bread and spread some low fat cottage cheese on one side of the bread. Include tomatoes and lettuce for a healthier sandwich. Actually, any vegetable will do for as long as it goes with our sandwich.

Fish Wraps

Tortillas can be used for a variety of cooking purposes. And one of them is to use it for this recipe. You’ll be needing fish (whichever variety you prefer, but the original recipe calls for pink salmon). Grill it with lemon grass and other choice spices to infuse flavor into the salmon. Afterwards, heat the tortillas while chopping fresh lettuce, cucumber, and apples. Carrots are optional but add texture and flavor to your diet recipe to go. Mix the salmon with the vegetable mixture and fill the tortilla with this tasty filling. This is best eaten with cold lemongrass tea.

Yummy Veggie Crepes

Who says crepes are only for dessert? Actually, you can put whatever filling you want in your crepe. The problem is in creating the crepe. If you’re doing this in your home and you don’t have a crepe machine then it will take time before you could create that thin crepe using the batter (because if you made it thicker then you are doing pancakes).

For a savory, vegetarian crepe, pan grill red and green bell peppers, garlic, and onions. Add some chick peas, carrots, and cabbages. Wait until the carrots are semi-tender. For added flavor, you can buy garlic sauce from the local supermarket and add this to your vegetable crepe. (optional: if you intend to add more proteins in this snack, add a few slices of chicken or fish for a filling snack while on the go).

Dieting should nevertheless be fun. You can’t stick to your diet program for long if you’re not having fun doing it. Try these recipes at home and you will never go back to eating those bland, pre-packed diet foods on the go at the supermarket shelves. Why bother when you can make healthy, delicious meals at home?