The techniques that I am about to explain will help you to stimulate your prostate in the correct way in order to produce some extremely pleasurable sensations.  Before I go on I would like to point out, that prostate massage is not just for pleasure and that it has some excellent benefits for males too.  By massaging your prostate you can help to reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer and this had been proven by Doctors and Researchers.  So if you want to save your life and enjoy some amazing pleasure at the same time, let’s get down to basics.

All beginners should take their time.  The whole point of these techniques is to allow you to experience pleasure so if there is any physical pain or acute discomfort you should stop immediately.  The techniques that I am about to explain can be performed alone or with your partner.

Step One:

Cleanse your colon.  You need to empty your rectum before you start and this can be helped along by using colon cleansers which are available from your local pharmacy or health store.  When you are ready to begin you must relax.  You need to be fully relaxed in both body and mind.  Try a hot bath which will also help to heighten the prostate’s sensitivity. 

Step Two:

Besides cleaning out your rectum you will also need to ensure that your hands or your partners hands are clean too.  Make sure that all fingernails have been cut and that there are no sharp edges as this can lead to infections if the rectum is torn.  Use latex gloves.  These help to ensure cleanliness.  Wearing latex gloves will not effect the stimulation that you will receive.

Step Three:

Lubrication.  Lubrication is essential and this is something that you will definitely need.  You will need to lubricate the rectum and your finger/your partners finger before you can do anything else.  You may need to reapply lubricant a number of times but don’t worry in this case more is better.  To make sure you get the rectum lubricated fully you can use an eye dropper or medicine syringe if you wish.

Step Four:

Now we move on to the exciting part of actually finding your male g-spot.  Remember to stay relaxed and patient.  After massaging the rectum first whilst lubricating you should find that your анальный стимулятор slips in quite easily.  Don’t force it and once in allow your rectal muscles to relax.  About two inches inside you should feel a walnut shaped lump which will be located towards your belly button.  This is the prostate.  There are different ways to stimulate it so experiment.  Don’t be rough, use slight to firm pressure and move your fingertips in circles. You can also use them in a stroking motion.  Test different movements to find out which one is best for you.

You will start to feel a strange sensation unlike anything you have felt before.  I you feel like you need to pee, keep going this is the sensation of prostate pleasure.  Before long you will feel your muscles begin to contract and you can have your partner play with your penis and your testicles at this stage too if you like. 

Once you reach orgasm you will find that it is totally different to any orgasm you have had before.  Prostate pleasure is amazing and I know that once you experience it once you will know what I am talking about.