Truck bed protection started with simple modifications, such as installing planks of wood to truck beds. The industry has made enormous strides since this era of simplicity. A more advanced method appeared as trucks begun to be designed with ease to run shipment. Thermoforming, a process in which a plastic published is heated to a pliable temperature, formed to a specific shape, and then cut to create a available product, would eventually lead to the first plastic drop-in bedliner. In the ’80s, companies begun to replicate this design and manufacture pre-formed liners on a massive scale.

Spray-on bedliners come in various products and process techniques such as savoury or aliphatic, high or low pressure, polyurea or polyurethane, or hybrid and solvent-based. Performance relies upon the initial surface prep work completed before spraying.

It is entirely possible to own color of the bedliner match that of the vehicle, but color lose colour from ultraviolet rays is inevitable with time. This is why bedliners are typically done in black truck bedliner.

Savoury is generally used for black color and is the most affordable option. If a colored bedliner is desired, Aliphatic can be implemented because it is more stable over time in ultraviolet light. However, this pure polyurethane chemical will drive up the cost around 30-45%.

Spray-on bedliner material will change in texture and color. Texture can be smooth, making for easy cleaning or be a rough texture to prevent skidding and increase durability. Thinner coatings will typically cost less but can snack and crack. For trucks with rugged use, ArmorThane sets an optimum thickness for bedliners as 1/4 inch on the truck bed and wheel wells as well as 1/8 inch on the sides. ArmorThane provides seamless, spray-on polyurea solutions that offer a durable, watertight close up against rust and abrasion. Our fast application technology minimizes downtime to offer a strong, flexible protective coating that’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting. To keep your truck protected from the harshest of elements and looking new for years. Let our polyurea professionals find the appropriate solution for you today!