Ok fellas (and ladies) if you are looking for a big beautiful girl to spend some time with, have some fun with, fall in love with and perhaps even spend forever with well I’m going to help you make it happen starting TODAY!

First, make sure you put on your confidence hat. Please always know that no matter how beautiful the woman is that you are meeting that you are worthy of being there with her and of her falling for you. So be confident.

Next, anytime you see a big beautiful girl that you’d like to get to know, whether in the grocery store, library, gas station, etc. don’t forget to SMILE at them. You need to appear approachable and friendly. Make eye contact with them when smiling. Of course, don’t stare at them for like 5 minutes straight with that “I’m a psycho” stare. Just a quick smile and a glance into their eyes….. 5 to 10 seconds of eye contact should do it. Plus, you can smile and make eye contact with them on several different occasions (again 5 to 10 second spurts. ) You know when you walk down a different aisle in the grocery store or when you shift your weight to the other side of your body while standing and pumping gas.

Now, once you’ve given them a few glances and smiles, as long as they are smiling back and showing you some kind of sign (folks, a smile back IS AN AWESOME SIGN! ) then it’s time for your approach. Yes, you really have to. You can’t get anywhere with anybody if you don’t ever open your mouth and communicate! Just go up to the big beautiful girl that you’ve got your eye (and smile) on and confidently and politely say………… drumroll please……….. “Hi! “

Just start off with Hi, how are you doing today? and you usually can follow up on the conversation pretty well after she answers you. OK so you say hi, how are you today and she says back “I’m fine. Thanks. How are you today? ” What now? Well answer her. Say something like “I’m awesome except I’ve really had enough of this cold weather ไซด์ไลน์. I can’t wait for the spring. ” or how about “I’m good, thanks for asking. Ya know grocery shopping really isn’t my favorite thing to do, but it’s a necessity and meeting someone with a smile like yours makes it worth it. ” (Come on, you can do it! I promise you can. She will love to hear that, guaranteed. )

You broke the ice and you two are conversing. Now you have to go in for the “close. ” aka ask her on a date. When your conversation is pretty much ending you can say goodbye and begin to walk away but then STOP and turn back and say something like “hey, I really enjoyed our chat, would you like to get together for some lunch sometime and continue our conversation? ” Chances are that you just got yourself a date. When she confirms she’d like to see you again then exchange numbers. It’s that simple! This big beautiful girl, actually most girls, are just as nervous about meeting someone and asking them out as you are. So if you’re waiting for the big beautiful girl in the store to ask you about, you just may be waiting forever. Get my drift?

Finally, what if you want to find a big beautiful girl from the comfort of your own home. That’s probably the easiest and quickest way to find yourself a gorgeous woman today and plan a date with her for tomorrow night! You simply have to find yourself a dating website that caters to bbws (big beautiful women) and you will pretty much find a big beautiful girl or two to choose from.

You just create your own profile for free. Add a decent picture of yourself and write a catchy ad (one that makes girls want to write you back. ) You then can “flirt” with the women who you are most interested in for free and if they are interested they will flirt back or they may just email you. (I’ve found that a lot of women will generally just send you a “flirt” back to let you know “yes, email me I’d like to chat” more so then they will actually email you. If that’s the case, you just simply buy a subscription to your site that you are on and voila you can email who ever you’d like. ) Or you can just skip the flirt step and go right to emailing them. Of course, you’re going to have to have a subscription to your dating website to do this.