The Folixil works similar to a rich and complete supplement of essential vitamins for development, nutri tion and growth of hair, is a complete multivitamin for hair of the human body, with advanced treatment, practical and effective for all hair types. Moreover, it is a product to tally natural and rich in vitamins and all the nutrients developed that are required to give life and shine to hair. Folixil Valor

In addition, folixil is also very effective in increasing the fragility of nails and skin, regenerating and providing rapid growth. However, each bottle of Folixil contains 60 medicine, that is highly effective when released into our body and will make Folixil worthwhile, after all Folixil works in it.

Baldness is considered by scholars from the State University of Campinas to Unicamp as the uncontrolled loss of hair strands, whoever we have selected below the list of the main causes that cause hair to fall, follows:

The folixil structure in concert with ingredients that are derived from nature and in that sense are completely natural, which can act on hair light bulbs, strengthen and nourish the inside wires out, eliminate any obstacles to growth, preventing the des fall of the root, lack of vitamins, seborr and ia, etc.

In this context, the Folixil formula is manufactured by specialists and has been proven to help our body increase serum numbers of vitamins in order to prevent hair loss. In this way, it is possible to test growth through the rich compositions and ingredients that make up its formula, the growth and enhancement of hair, and the entire structure from the root, scalp, body to the ends of the hair.

In addition, Folixil is a great inhibitor of DHT – Dihydrotestosterone, this hormone is a derivative of libido, well regarded as one of the fundamental male human hormones in boys. In this sense, in adverse conditions our organism promotes the conversion of libido to Dihydrotestosterone, through the enzyme 5-DHT-reductase, changing the chemical spatial conformation of the molecule, the libido that was previously useful in our organism is transformed and becomes extremely harmful to capillary health, the scalp, follicles and root are severely bombarded by DHT.

In this way, with each cycle that we go through, hair loss increases even more, and this is where Folixil works even in hair loss, it is able to inhibit and block the enzyme 5-DHT-reductase preventing it from transforming libido. So, now you are free from all harmful effects of DHT, that’s why folixil is so famous for being an excellent DHT blocker in our body, working perfectly in men and women.

Folixil currently has one of the most complete and updated compositions in the Brazilian market, with a formula rich in several ingredients that are fundamental for good hair health overall, these vitamins and minerals below we find it difficult to produce, since they just don’t are produced by our body and are by the way crucial to the good development of the hair follicle, among the various compounds of the structure of the folixil, we can highlight some such as: Bula do Folixil | Folixil Structure