Affirmations are positive words that we say to ourselves in order to create a new reality. Many people think that by repeating an affirmative statement over and over it should manifest. Often this is not the case. Here is how you can make affirmations really work for you. c

The problem with affirmations is that they are often too exaggerated for your conscious mind to believe. For example, you may repeat to yourself, “I am a millionaire, ” over and over but if you are still unemployed, in debt and struggling for money then it does not matter how many times you say this to yourself. You will never truly believe it.

A better way to state affirmations is to use a tool made popular by Abraham-Hicks called the focus wheel. With the focus wheel method you ease your way into your ultimate affirmation.

Draw a circle and create 12 spokes around it like the numbers on a clock. In the center of your circle write your ideal affirmation. Using our example you would write “I am a millionaire. ” Now starting with number one, write down a statement that you know is true now, such as “the universe has infinite abundance. ” Your second statement will be a little more specific to you such as, “I am open to this infinite abundance. ” Follow this with statements like “many people are millionaires, there are infinite sources by which I can become a millionaire, I am now allowing all sources to becoming a millionaire come into my life. “

The idea is to make statements that you know are true for you now. After building upon each statement your ideal affirmation should sound like the logical next step. It should now feel believable.

Try using this method whenever you want to shift some reality in your life. It is very powerful and you only need to do it once.