There is a famous saying that says; stupid people talk about people, smart people talk about events, and brilliant people mostly talk about concepts. Now then, I ask do you see the problem with social networks online?

Whatever you approach, you become, but if you are interested in what other people think of you, and you believe that your opinion of what you approach other people is important, then you will spend a deal of your time thinking about those ideas – tweeting, typing, and talking about; PEOPLE, which surmises the old famous quote is what stupid people do with their time. Ouch – tell me it isn’t so! Afraid it is. sandblasting philadelphia

If you are involved in social online networks, well that’s kind of what they do there – talk about people mostly. And so i asked you; are online social networks dummy down human organizations? They appear to be here the united states, and yet I would submit to you this is happening everywhere. People are more concerned with tweeting or texting their friends, and talking about the latest Youtube video, they likely are about thinking about new concepts, innovations, and such.

At some point people have to consider these meeting new people networks online such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, while others as inconsequential, and they need to move their brain to a more impressive range. With all this distraction going on, it’s amazing that anyone even knows there is more one’s than news, weather, sports, and Facebook. Suddenly, the tv is out, and social online networks are in – that is certainly just great but I do not think anyone moved up in the world by switching, I don’t even think they moved straight across, indeed, I would submit to you that they’ve dumbed down.

Now then, there are some social Internet networks which talk about concepts, or they are specially created for industry and business. I would not be criticizing those because they use collaboration and discuss things which are relevant to ones career and future, and more often than not discuss innovation. Generally they are talking about concepts, and yes events. Therefore those would be the brilliant or smart people. And it’s really not that I want to chastise the Xers, or all the people playing around on these meeting new people networks, after all, to each his very own, it is a free country.

However, perhaps we should stop and think about what it’s doing to your society, and how these changes are not helping where we need to go in the future, or where we need be. There is a big controversy, about whether or not Google is making us stupid, suffice it to say Google doesn’t appear to be the problem anymore, rather, I’d be concerned with the social Internet networks, that everyone belongs to, so, Please consider all this