Construction quickly, economically

Panel in the construction is constructed in the form of assembly, that makes it quick and convenient. This helps to speed up the construction progress, helping investors and construction units shorten the construction time to more than 1/3 of the progress. In addition, the panel installation is simple, so it does not suffer too much of climate such as (storms, moisture content… ) Insulation panels, panel ceilings can be easily installed and dismantled., relocation, unaffected by the weather. lắp đặt trần tôn

Saving money

The use of thermal insulation panels, hallway panels in construction projects will save about 20-30% of investment costs while still ensuring the quality requirements of the project due to the light weight of panels. up to 40% more than traditional building materials.

Sound insulation, heat insulation, fireproof effectively

Due to the 3-layer structure, at the center is the core material that has sound insulation effect. This is very convenient and suitable for projects in urban or residential areas with noise toxins.

With the special structure of the core material layer, at warm, the panel will only reduce, lose colour, not ignite. This is one of the preeminent features of panels in construction, especially in adjoining areas or public works where fire protection is required. In addition, the panel’s supporting structure also withstands gusts all the way to over 300km / h and withstands earthquakes up to 7. 5 degrees Richer.

Durable over time

Insulation panels, panel ceilings are manufactured according to international standards, giving the developing a guarantee of durability over time without impacting on the structure. Insulation panel, panel hallway can withstand force well, suitable for both small projects and large projects.

High appearances

The installation of insulation panels, hallway panel will make the project much more aesthetic. Due to the reduction of columns and main beams, sub-beams, the works from the panel are always highly aesthetic, that is convenient for the interior layout because they do not have to suffer from the entanglement and obstruction of columns or beams like the building is created in a traditional style.