The beautiful fluff design is a smart choice for small homes. The fluff makes the house more open and comfortable. The following article will introduce to you the latest beautiful attic design trends 2020. thi công trần tôn

Design the attic into a bedroom

Your home will have more space when designing a more fluff bedroom. You can completely take advantage of the empty space to design the mezzanine. Design of a fluff or mezzanine always brings many benefits in terms of space for your home. One of the most beautiful and popular fluff designs is the bedroom. With a 2-person room, you have 2 simple and beautiful bedrooms. You will have a beautiful 2 bedroom day. The room with a fluff is perfectly for close friends who want to share. Not only that, the common normal space is also bigger and more comfortable. Designing a fluff into a bedroom is an intelligent design that saves normal space.

Design the attic into a working room
You will have a lovely office designed in the attic. Having a separate workspace from the bedroom is essential. A beautiful attic if it becomes an operating room, a space that inspires work and study for you. You can put a desk, bookshelf, computer desk,… The fluff has an area, suitable space for a working room. You will have a quiet and open space for your work. This is a great idea not to waste some nice fluff space.

Modern style fluff design

You can design your own beautiful attic in many different styles. One of the design styles that many young people love is the modern style. With this style, the attic is more beautiful with vibrant colors such as white, yellow, green,… At the same time, you can also create features for the room with stylized furniture, the other colors. Design effects from furniture will make the attic more beautiful and unique in the past. The modern-style attic will be a space to help you get more inspiration to work and study, stir up your imagination and creativity.

Cozy fluff style design
Another popular trend in fluff design is cozy style. With this style, the attic is often used as a bedroom, bringing you good, comfortable sleep. The attic is more beautiful and cozy when you use warm colors like yellow, brown, red, orange, etc. One of the smart choices for this design is furniture. Wood brings a deep color and creates a warm feeling for the room. Some wooden furniture you can choose from such as bed, nightstand, wardrobe, mirror,… You have countless choices to decorate the attic in a cozy style.

Above are the beautiful fluff design trends that we recommend for you. The attic seems useless, but it brings a lot of benefits for you. Make smart use of your normal space with the beautiful attic. Hope you are content with our information. Please contact us for advice and answer questions!