Exotic dancing, a profession that was, at one time taboo is becoming more normalized in the present society by pop culture, modern day advertisements and recent Series such as the Sopranos and Sex and the City. It is represented in many feature films today and in some cases glamorized. “Your average teen star could go on a stage without changing clothes” says writer Lilly Burana, a former stripper. (USA Today). It is no longer just a dirty male attraction that used to be hush-hush in many communities but rather a regular Sin city Vacation outing and a traditional bachelor party theme to many of today’s young men. Also, they are well-accepted on radio shows visible by Howard Stringent and Tom Leykis. Today’s society is taking a walk in those exotic dancing shoes. In some cities, there are even rod dancing classes offered to locals for recreation and fitness.

Even with this controversial field becoming more main stream in today’s world, the gender chart that drives a woman’s aspiration to participate in this profession? This is not exactly the line of work one brings up with out a few raised eyebrows. Why do these ladies let strange men put bills into their skimpy skivvies? Do they feel silly when they know they are applying men’s flaws in trade for cash? Dallas strippers for hire

Some ladies do this line of work to satisfy their curiosity, some see it as an art form but for most of these women, the number one motivation is simply the money. They will earn more available as one night, than the average American makes in a week at a conventional job. Does this line of work mess with their head? Some people may wonder if the average exotic dancer feels degraded or cheap. Kelly, an occasional actress who danced in clubs to prepare for rolls in the Young and the Restless says “It’s pretty awful to crawl across the stage for two or three dollars for some guy. ” (USA Today)

When there is once a dancer gets used to this quick money lifestyle? Would she join in a different job if the opportunity presented itself? Only each individual can answer that. Where does she go when considering time to hang up the phone the tassels? In the late 90’s Kurt Cobain’s brother Kim, mentioned that in the MTV video Smells like Teen Spirit, the Nirvana band hired exotic dancers instead of professional actresses to play the cheerleaders because it was less expensive than hiring local talent. Those ladies were open to earning money while fully dressed. Notice speedier today? If modern exotic dancers could make the same income or perhaps more working from home, would they jump at the opportunity? It’s quite possible that many would put the ogling clients to the past if they knew they could prosper with a lucrative business which offers unlimited potential and amazing travel perks.